Tamara L. Austin


I am Tamara Austin, a certified freelance editor located in Southern Illinois. While I enjoy working on various projects, I focus on editing non-fiction and self-help books and articles. I also enjoy working with academics who want help with their research and writing skills. My varied academic and professional background provides me with a broad base of knowledge that I can apply to my work as an editor.


I live on a farm where my husband and I raise registered cattle, grow hay, and implement practices to improve our woodlands. I also keep chickens, garden, and bow hunt. My hobbies include cycling, hiking, and kayaking. I have also competed in eventing, dressage, and show jumping.


I hold two certificates in editing from the Poynter Institute. I have a degree in history from Eastern Illinois University; additionally, I took several classes in sociology, political science, and education. I previously held certification in Illinois to teach history, sociology, political science, social studies, English literature, and grammar.

I have an associate's degree in agricultural business and additional business, accounting, and economics credits.

Professional Experience

I have been working as a freelance copy editor since 2021. Before that, I worked as a short- and long-term substitute teacher most of my professional career. Covid changed that, as it inspired me to pursue becoming an editor, something I had been considering for a while.

I also worked as the riding director at a summer camp in northern Wisconsin and managed horse barns in Minnesota and Illinois.